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Why Malta

The benefits of Malta, and its neighbouring island of Gozo, are various. Great weather, a low crime rate, political stability, a favourable tax regime and good healthcare have attracted tourists for decades. Friendly locals complete the picture, promising a laid-back lifestyle. Ranging from climate, culture, lifestyle and government schemes that are sure to help you make your move an easy and pleasant one!



The Maltese Islands namely Malta, Gozo and Comino are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, 93 kilometres south of Sicily and 288 kilometres north of Africa. Malta is well indented, providing numerous harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves. The population in Malta is... Read More

Residency Information


Any foreigner, of whatever nationality, may submit an application under the scheme provided that the specific conditions are satisfied. This scheme is of particular interest to those Foreign Nationals with a relatively high income, who are subject to a high tax rate in their country of... Read More

Tax Benefits


Permanent Residents have a flat rate of income tax of 15% on income remitted to Malta with a minimum tax liability of Lm 1,800 (¤ 4,193 €) per annum. Income arising abroad which is not remitted to Malta is not subject to any tax in Malta. Capital gains remitted to Malta are... Read More

Other Benefits


Special concessions on the importation of personal effects and pets. Local mortgage facilities are available for up to 90% of the purchase price Properties with swimming pools may be rented out. Multiple property purchase permitted in special designated areas. Deeds and documents are... Read More

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